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Priority Issues

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Public Health and Safety

Access to healthy food and physical activity, especially in schools and for seniors, are crucial for the community’s health. By strengthening trust, accountability, and cooperation between residents and the police, we can prevent crime and ensure public safety.

Public Transit and the Environment

North Waltham is a transit desert, and the Southside is a heat island. We need reliable, fare-free bus service to reduce traffic and carbon emissions. I’ll prioritize pedestrian and bicycle safety by cracking down on speeding and improving sidewalks and crosswalks.

Education and Quality of Life

Our kids deserve a curriculum that includes STEM, civics, the arts, dual language, health & phys ed, and vocational technical education. We need a 311 system to track resident complaints, and to address snow removal, potholes, and the rat infestation.

Modern Houses
Colleagues Working in Office
Image by Hannah Busing

Housing and Seniors

We can improve rent affordability by requiring that developers include affordable units, and support first-time homebuyers by increasing down payment assistance. We need to help seniors afford to stay in their homes by lowering their taxes and utility bills.

Good Jobs and City Planning

We should create a pipeline for Waltham students to STEM jobs on the 128 Corridor, and invest in local small businesses, especially on Moody and Main Streets. Waltham needs a real long-term plan and vision for housing, infrastructure and quality of life.

Honest and Transparent Government

Eliminating backdoor deals for special interests will save taxpayers money and build trust in government. I’ll fight for expanded resident participation across city government, and ensure that departments are accessible and responsive to constituent needs.

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